Precautions for operation of plate laser cutting machine



  plate laser cutting machineThe development prospects of this industry is very good, because in the use of the benefits for the enterprise more, so by the customers of all ages, in order to let you know more about it, then we will tell about the plate laser cutting machine operation matters needing attention.

Plate laser cutting machine operators must strictly abide by the laser cutting machine safety operating procedures. The operator must follow all the instructions attached to the machine or be trained by our customer service personnel, be familiar with the structure and operation of the equipment, and master the corresponding operating system knowledge. Use must also be in accordance with the provisions of the occupational safety supplies, close to the beam must wear in accordance with the provisions of the protective glasses. Do not process without knowing whether the material can be irradiated or heated by laser to avoid potential hazards of smoke and fumes. Of course, it should be noted that during the operation of the plate laser cutting machine, the operator shall not leave the workplace or entrust others to take care of it. Keep the fire extinguisher within easy reach; turn off the laser or blinds when not working; do not place paper, cloth or other flammable materials near unprotected beams. Or if an abnormality is found during the processing, it must be stopped immediately, and the error must be corrected in time or reported to the supervisor. The laser, bed and surrounding environment shall be clean, tidy and free of oil pollution, and the workpiece, plate and waste shall be piled up according to regulations.

When using the plate laser cutting machine, you should also avoid crushing the wires, water pipes, and air pipes to prevent leakage, water leakage, and air leakage. The use and transportation of gas cylinders must comply with the regulations of gas cylinder management. It is forbidden to expose the bottle to the sun or close to a heat source. When opening the bottle valve, the operator must stand on the side of the bottle mouth. In addition, when using the sheet metal laser cutting machine, you also need to pay attention to check the water level in the tank before turning on the slot power supply. It is strictly forbidden to turn on the water cooler when there is no water or the water level is too low to avoid damage to the water cooling equipment. It is forbidden to clamp or step on the water inlet and outlet pipes of the water cooler to keep the water flow unblocked. This product produces a laser wavelength of 1064nm, irradiation of human skin will cause burns. Staring at the laser beam for a long time can cause serious damage to the retina of the eye (such as cataracts). The operator must wear 1064nm goggles. Or now the plate laser cutting machine will produce a lot of smoke and dust when cutting some plates, the fan should be led out of the air pipe to the outside, or install an air purification device. In addition, operators must wear dust masks to prevent occupational diseases. Especially when the temperature is lower than 0 ℃ and it is closed for a long time, the cooling water in the water cooler, laser and water pipe must be discharged to prevent the cooling water from freezing when the temperature is too low, causing damage to the plate laser cutting machine and pipeline. The protective lens inside the laser cutting head is inspected once a day. When the collimating lens or focusing lens needs to be removed, please record the removal process, pay special attention to the installation direction of the lens, and do not install it incorrectly.