Operating skills of plate laser cutting machine



Based on years of branding,plate laser cutting machineSlowly favored by the market, customers who bought the plate laser cutting machine have many matters needing attention. Here are five of the more detailed operation skills to communicate with everyone, hoping to have greater assistance when using the plate laser cutting machine.

1, the laser cutting head is a vulnerable part of the plate laser cutting machine, such as long-term use, resulting in the destruction of the laser cutting head.

Check the parallelism of the rail of the laser cutting machine and the vertical angle of the equipment every six months, and immediately maintain and adjust the abnormality. If you don't do this, the effect of laser cutting may not be very good, and the deviation will increase, which will affect the quality of laser cutting. This is vital and must be done.

3, once a week with a vacuum cleaner to suck out the smoke and waste in the equipment, all electric control box should be closed to prevent pollution.

4, often check the plate laser cutting machine steel chain, must ensure tight. Otherwise, there is a problem in the operation, it may hurt people, more serious can also cause the death of employees. The steel chain looks like a gadget, but there are still some serious problems.

5. The slide rails of the plate laser cutting machine should be cleaned regularly to eliminate dust and other dirt. The worm that ensures the normal operation of the machine equipment should be scrubbed regularly and greased to ensure that there is no dirt when moistened. The slide rail should be cleaned and greased regularly. In addition, the motor also needs to be cleaned and greased frequently. The equipment can move better during driving. Accurate laser cutting will improve the quality of the products cut by laser.

Plate laser cutting machine to earn customers key factors:

With the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, the needs of laser cutting in all walks of life are constantly improving, especially for the processing speed and quality of plate laser cutting machine. In recent years, the development trend of domestic laser cutting processing is also very fast, whether it is in the hardware and software above a qualitative improvement. In China's application of intelligent technology for continuous research and development, laser cutting processing can compete with imported laser cutting processing, especially in software technology services, China's sheet metal laser cutting machinery and equipment is better than imported products.

Because the need for laser cutting in our country is urgently improved, in order to keep pace with social and economic development, Chinese manufacturers of sheet metal laser cutting machinery and equipment are more competitive in the market. The market for sheet metal laser cutting machinery and equipment is also continuously expanding, upgrading and optimizing, so that the actual effect of equipment production is higher and more precise, a large number of raw materials can be processed, a wide range of applications can be used, and the characteristics of various aspects can be improved, the field of sheet metal laser cutting equipment has entered a period of rapid growth.