Application of plate laser cutting machine in various industries



  plate laser cutting machineThe emergence of industrial production has added unprecedented development, and is widely used in today's production industry. With the rapid development of information technology, the use of laser cutting machine in industrial production continues to develop, along with the technical requirements of the process is getting higher and higher, we have been in product development can match the trend of this era of material. In the field of laser cutting machine, plate laser cutting machine occupies many components in the industrial manufacturing industry. For most metal composite materials, no matter how strong they are, they can be used for endless laser cutting. Today we will count the practical application of laser cutting machine in various fields.

With the rapid progress of sheet metal processing technology, the domestic manufacturing technology is also growing by leaps and bounds. Traditional sheet metal cutting machines and equipment (plate shears, high-speed punching machines, numerical control flame cutting, plasma cutting machines, high-pressure water cutting, etc.), although they occupy a very large market share in the market, are now unable to meet the current technological standards. Laser cutting is a counter-revolution in the processing technology of sheet metal processing plants, it is the "CNC machining center" in the sheet metal processing factory. The flexible production technology of fiber laser cutting is high, the laser cutting speed is faster, the transaction efficiency is high, and the equipment transaction cycle time is short, which has won the widespread sales market for customers. The plate laser cutting machine has no cutting speed and no variation in production. No tool life, good peripheral resistance of the material; Whether it is simple or complicated parts, laser can be used to shape laser cutting carefully and quickly at one time. Its slit is narrow, laser cutting has high cost performance, high degree of automation, complicated actual operation, low labor efficiency and no pollution. Laser cutting can be carried out fully automatic layout and nesting software, which improves the material application rate and low purchase cost, good economic returns. Sheet metal laser cutting machine in the near future sheet metal processing plant application is sooner or later the development trend.

In the field of advertising design and production, general processing and production products have metal materials and non-metal materials. Therefore, a multi-field electronic application of laser cutting machine has brought great advantages to advertising processing. For traditional production equipment for advertising, general production and processing of advertising fonts and other material content are used. Because the dimensional accuracy and the surface layer of laser cutting are not ideal, the repair probability is quite high, for the advertising industry, it is a kind of cost consumption, which reduces the work efficiency to a certain extent.

However, the use of advertising plate laser cutting machine equipment reprocessing, can effectively deal with this type of problem, the use of high-precision laser cutting technology, laser cutting surface, with pure auxiliary vapor reprocessing, can be perfect performance. In addition, the machinery and equipment of the laser cutting machine can also carry out some complex graphic processing, which can be completed by technicians in the past. It has developed and expanded the processed products for the advertising media company, improved the sales market, enhanced the extra profits for the side micro-enterprises, completely did not need to carry out secondary repair, and once operated the left-behind children's careful thoughts and stabilized the customer source.