Pipe Special Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine For Pipe

core technology independent innovation

  • Adopt gantry structure, bilateral drive with rack and pinion, with good stability and rigidity, high speed characteristics.
  • The gantry structure guarantees the characteristics of high-speed positioning, fast dynamic response and good stability of the equipment.
Pipe Special Laser Cutting Machine

Technical parameters

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Processing format

600mm Φ20mm-420mm

12000mm Φ20mm-420mm


Cutting diameter

≦ 200

≦ 200


Cutting length




X, Y axis positioning accuracy

≤ ± 0.05

≤ ± 0.05


Repeated positioning accuracy

≤ ± 0.03

≤ ± 0.03


laser power


Product advantages

pneumatic chuck

Installation is convenient and labor-saving, no consumption and wear, through the pressure to control the degree of workpiece clamping, can be convenient to control, to ensure the stability of feeding and cutting accuracy.

automatic lubrication system

When walking, it provides lubricating oil for the equipment to ensure the proper high-speed operation of the equipment, and has the functions of abnormal alarm and liquid level alarm, so as to ensure the accuracy and prolong the service life of the transmission mechanism.

A new generation of safety follow-up module

The cutting distance between the laser head and the workpiece is kept at all times, reducing the risk of collision, and has the function of hitting the board to stop.


Core Technology


Cast aluminumBeam

  • Light weight
  • fast speed
  • high precision
  • toughness and ductility


Heavy DutyBed design

  • double annealing aging
  • high strength
  • No deformation


Auto-focus Laser Head, Easy to Operate

  • It can automatically adjust the focal length of the cutting head
  • It can control the cutting height and realize automatic perforation and cutting of different thickness plates
  • It can memorize the focal length of different plates
  • Its operation is simpler and ten times faster than manual operation

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