Laser cutting machine manufacturers: the advantages of laser cutting machine processing



  Laser cutting machine manufacturersWith the rapid increase of metal pipe production and consumption in China, pipe fitting laser cutting machine has been rapidly popularized in China. With the continuous innovation and development trend of electronic information technology, mechanical system, cutting technology and optimization calculation method, pipe fitting laser cutting technology will more prominently display its intelligent, rapid and improved cutting technology and craftsmanship.

Laser can be in the pipe parts of laser drilling, cutting seam and contour laser cutting, machinery and equipment with high precision, compared to the traditional processing methods to choose laser pipe laser cutting advantages are:

1. High precision: The traditional pipe fittings are disconnected by hand, so each disconnected part is different. However, the same set of tooling and fixture system software is selected for laser production and processing, and the production is formulated by numerical control programming software, and the production and processing are carried out step by step at a time, with high precision. In modern manufacturing, precision is particularly important, laser production and forming to make each component have the same size.

2. High rate:Laser cutting machine manufacturers said,The laser can cut tens of meters of pipe fittings in one minute, hundreds of times the traditional manual method, which means that the laser production and processing speed is quite fast.

3. Coordination ability: Laser can produce and process irregular shapes easily, which is a complicated design for the design scheme staff. However, this is unimaginable under the previous production and processing methods.

4. Mass production and processing: The length of standardized pipe fittings is 6 meters, and the traditional processing method must be very heavy clamping, while laser production and processing can be particularly simple to clamp and locate several meters long pipe fittings accurately, which enables mass production and processing to be realized.

Laser cutting machine manufacturers: laser cutting machine practical operation FAQ

1. Follow the general operating procedures of the cutting machine. Strictly implement the laser start-up program to run the laser, light change, debugging.

2. Operators must be trained to understand the structure and characteristics of cutting software, machinery and equipment, and grasp the basic knowledge of computer operating system.

3. Wear labor protection articles according to regulations, and wear standard goggles around the laser beam.

4. It is not necessary to process raw materials without knowing whether they can use direct laser or laser cutting to prevent harmful factors causing thick smoke and steam.

5. When the equipment is started, the operator shall not leave his post without permission or be managed by the principal. If it is necessary to leave, the operator should shut down or disconnect the main power switch.

6, abnormal processing should be shut down immediately, and immediately fault detection or report to the person in charge.

7. Place the fire extinguisher in an area where it is very easy to reach. Turn off the laser or fast door when not producing; Do not put paper, cloth or other flammable materials around the unprotected laser beam.